Green Brands World Ltd was launched in 2009, with a vision to transform, empower and inspire women across the country. As a platform for women, we help them build a business through Direct Selling, which allows them to successfully grow, gain confidence, and become financially independent.

We are Green Brands

Our committed team strives to offer service at its best, and to ensure that we have a community of confident and carefully selected market leaders in their respective countries.   They run businesses that represent and distribute products ranging from personal care, cosmetics and accessories, health related beverages, home appliances, decorations, lighting, bedding, curtains, kids’ products, perfumes, detergents and hand sanitizers. This industry is successfully booming, and we aim to cater for and offer our customers the best quality products at affordable prices.

As we celebrate a decade of changing lives in the Indian Ocean, we take pride in having an extraordinary team of employees. From a small team of passionate businesswomen, we have come a long way as we have always had an inherent appeal for direct selling due to the nature of the business. Today, we have around 1,000 sales consultants across Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles. We have also launched an Online Platform in Reunion Islands with an exclusive local representative. With such a vibrant and diverse team, we will continue to build and grow our channels, and when it comes to our products and business opportunity, our goal is to always provide the very best in customer service, and a satisfaction guarantee.

– Henry Ford


Creating Green Brands Ltd has been a dream comes true, as I am genuinely focused on inspiring, supporting and empowering women. I launched this brand as an additional income earning business after I graduated from the University of Mauritius with a Degree in Law.

After seeing the growth of the company accelerating, I decided to educate myself with the required training and skills that were needed to take the business to the next level. My journey started in Ballito, South Africa, and I graduated as an Image Consultant with a specialization in Make-Up and Wedding Planning, and Masters in Etiquette Rules. The program empowered me to help other women achieve their goals through consistent and persistent actions.

Initially, I started with selling only health products from South Africa with a group of women, who had a business-driven mentality. They were all motivated and had a robust networking system, which helped them to become independent and at the same time to build on their entrepreneurial skills.  Within a couple of years, with the support of exceptional teamwork, innovative and unique ideas and customer feedback, the brand went beyond the buzz moment and experienced long-term growth.

I am truly humbled to be able to lead thousands of women consultants, seeing them setting their targets and working towards achieving their goals on a daily basis, it’s inspiring and motivating! I believe that we can accomplish what we aim for through complete dedication and hard work. I hope to continue working through strong partnerships and really building relationships to help and influence more women and let us all make our dreams come true together!

Need help ?

Our Sales and Marketing Team is the main driving force behind the brand and they believe;

  • In offering a wide range of products at affordable prices
  • They are here to empower people and never stop learning
  • They need to improve themselves and deliver better customer experience
  • In coaching and motivating sales consultants
  • In focusing on assisting and helping to maintain a consistent home delivery schedule in a timely fashion
  • Rise to the occasion and never settle for less